Letter from the President

This is the 121st time that the CEO of The Village Family Service Center has reported on some of the highlights of the prior year. I am proud to report that, once again, our donors, boards of directors, and staff have made it possible for The Village to serve more than 70,000 children and families throughout the region. The 2011 Village Highlights are listed on page 6 of this Annual Report—so rather than restate those, I’d like to use this space to say thank you to the people who made this possible.

Donors: We are only able to continue the great work that began in 1891 because of the continued support we have received from owners and stakeholders like you. There is not another nonprofit in the region that can report the breadth and depth of impact that The Village can proudly speak of. Your continued commitment by virtue of your financial and moral support is as essential going forward as it was in 1891 when this legacy began. Please accept our gratitude for your continued support.

Board of Directors: The many financial challenges presented over the past several years—flooding across North Dakota and Minnesota, the current recession, the political and financial problems in Minnesota—have resulted in some very difficult years. The two board of director components of The Village (The Village Board of Directors and the Children’s Village Family Service Foundation Board of Directors) have worked with an unparalleled sense of common purpose in ensuring that our services have not been impeded in any way.

Staff: The challenges of the past few years have been shouldered by our amazing staff. A moment like this would not be complete without a huge thank you and a debt of gratitude to Village staff for their unfailing commitment to quality work.

Thank you, Village donors, Village boards of directors, and Village staff. Our community and region is a better place to live because of your contributions and work.


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