In Honor Of …

In Honor Of: Given By:
Benjamin J. Bjorge Erik and Emily Hatch
Mr and Mrs George Gillespie Thomas and Mariol Knapp
Dean Hornbacher David and Marilyn Kerssen
Kristi Huber Joel and Sherri Thomsen
Judith M. Huerta Thomas and Mariol Knapp
Matthew Kleingartner Peggy and Alan Kleingartner
Matthew Kleingartner Jackie Erovick
Melody R. Knapp Thomas and Mariol Knapp
Emery Roy Jay and Marie Bergquist
Mr and Mrs Francis Sides Thomas and Mariol Knapp
Bobby Villa Riskin’s Bar Mitzvah Katja Henke

In Memory Of:

Jennifer Marie Alber


Daryl and Barbara Leistikow

Gail Arnold Phoenix International
Dorothy Aspass George and Elaine Leininger
Doug Belgum Joel and Bernice Belgum
Shirley Berard Arlan and Janice Dahlen
Larraine Black Joyce and Don McDougall
George Bultema Ronald and Joan Rose
Robert Byron Shelly R. Ernest
Dick Campbell Ronald and Joan Rose
Charles “Chip” Carbone Dr. Nicholas Ellig and Donna DuRand Ellig
Marian Carlson Sharon and James Puppe
Marian Carlson Clarice Hughes
Jeannette Craig Joyce and Don McDougall
Lyle A. Dagner Lillian C. Dagner
Mike Doyle Ronald and Joan Rose
Bill Edwards Ronald and Joan Rose
Elaine Eliyah Joyce and Don McDougall
Charles Elvrum Joyce and Don McDougall
Paul Erickson Arlan and Janice Dahlen
Vera Fletcher Ronald and Joan Rose
Rueben Goehring Ronald and Joan Rose
Adolph Greshik Ronald and Joan Rose
Robert Grohnke Ronald and Joan Rose
Chuck Hample Arlen and Evelyn Spear
Norman Heikkinen Kathleen and Dirk Swart
Jean Raut Hendrickson Lillian C. Dagner
Carole Jefferson Ronald and Joan Rose
Doris Knutson Joyce and Don McDougall
A.K. Lewis Joyce and Don McDougall
Karl Limuere Ronald and Joanne Ellingson
Dick Lovestrand Ronald and Joan Rose
Virginia Lulay Ronald and Joan Rose
Leo Lyons Joyce and Don McDougall
James McConville Helen McConville
Esther McGill Orilla and Gordon Maier
Richard Michaelson Ronald and Joan Rose
Janet Midgarden Joel Midgarden
Julie Langerud Mittet Shane and Jill Waslaski
Vivian Nesemeier Allen W. Golberg
Dolores Pacha Joyce and Don McDougall
Les Pavek Theodore and Joan Forstner
Joyce Ranglie Joyce and Don McDougall
Colleen Rienstra Daryl and Barbara Leistikow
Albert Roussin Lillian C. Dagner
Lynn Sanaker Jay and Marie Bergquist
Frederick B. Scheel Carol L. Stoudt
Donald Schlecht Ronald and Joan Rose
Annabel M Shelton North East Washington Medical Group
Tillie Shypkowski Arlan and Janice Dahlen
Walter Shypkowski Arlan and Janice Dahlen
Don Simonson Rosann and Craig Burslie
Doug Smith Shelly R. Ernest
Barry Sollom Joyce and Don McDougall
Rich Spichke Ronald and Joan Rose
Bill Stevens Joyce and Don McDougall
Lawrence Sweeney Carol L. Stoudt
Lawrence Sweeney Esther Y. Cook
Lawrence Sweeney Charles and Shirley Feeney
Lawrence Sweeney Jeannine Galbreath
Lawrence Sweeney Glenn and Phyllis Melvey
Lawrence Sweeney Jean J. Albertson
Lawrence Sweeney Patrick and Rae Colliton
Lawrence Sweeney A. John and Norma Finnie
Lawrence Sweeney Gloria and Howard Wrigley
Lawrence Sweeney Willie Jacobson
Lawrence Sweeney North Dakota Associated Equipment Distributors
Lawrence Sweeney Swingen Construction Company
Lawrence Sweeney Border States Paving, Inc.
Lawrence Sweeney Barbara J. Bertel
Lawrence Sweeney Matthew and Jo Ann Butler
Lawrence Sweeney Michael Conzemius
Lawrence Sweeney Mary A. Gibb
Lawrence Sweeney Steve and Mary Kay Gorman
Lawrence Sweeney H. Michael and Marcia Hardy
Lawrence Sweeney Dale Hatfield
Lawrence Sweeney H.B. and Carol Hayden
Lawrence Sweeney Lyle and Irene Johnson
Lawrence Sweeney V. Frank and Maxine Kadlec
Lawrence Sweeney Colleen Kaeding
Lawrence Sweeney Monica C. Kuklenski
Lawrence Sweeney Wilmar F. Laskey
Lawrence Sweeney Jean and Norman Maynard
Lawrence Sweeney Thomas and Connie McDougall
Lawrence Sweeney Jean and Thomas Ott
Lawrence Sweeney Clarence and Margaret Peterson
Lawrence Sweeney Michael and Patricia Pflugrath
Lawrence Sweeney Arnold Solberg
Lawrence Sweeney Orvis and Diane Stockstad
Lawrence Sweeney James and May Sugihara
Lawrence Sweeney Joan Tillotson
Lawrence Sweeney General Equipment & Supplies, Inc.
Lawrence Sweeney Marlene Christenson
Lawrence Sweeney C.H. and Kathy Hawken
Lawrence Sweeney Mark and Lenore Sweeney
Lawrence Sweeney Richard and Mary Warner
Lawrence Sweeney Katie Libbe
Lawrence Sweeney Kim and Corey Dahl
Lawrence Sweeney G. Thomas Bogan
Lawrence Sweeney David and Virginia Duval
Lawrence Sweeney Leonabele Mathison
Lawrence Sweeney Leonard and Loann Fetzer
Lawrence Sweeney Joy and Jay Ryan
Lawrence Sweeney Glenda Sanford
Lawrence Sweeney Rosemary Thomas
Manfred Walhood Joyce and Don McDougall
Leona Weist State Bank & Trust
Leona Weist Karen and Merle Bakkegard
Leona Weist Julie Baumler
Leona Weist Odell and Ramona Boberg
Leona Weist Betty Cannon
Leona Weist Lt. Col. (Ret.) Robert and Patricia Edlund
Leona Weist Darryl and Clydine Fey
Leona Weist Roger and Mary Haberman
Leona Weist Karen and R Hardie
Leona Weist Gordon and Barbara Hegre
Leona Weist Jerry and Frances Jensen
Leona Weist Bryce Johnson
Leona Weist Delores Johnson
Leona Weist Kristi and Jeff Johnson
Leona Weist Mark and Ronda Johnson
Leona Weist Ann Korzendorfer
Leona Weist Neil and Lois Larson
Leona Weist Brady and Karen Roehl
Leona Weist Leonard and Barbara Schaff
Leona Weist Elaine Swor
Leona Weist Rose Welk
Kendall Ann White Jason and Melanie White
Gene “Eli” Whitney Rosann and Craig Burslie
Ralph and Helen Young Gregg Young
Ralph Young Redlands Lions Club
Ralph Young Jeanne and Thomas Streit

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