’91 Society
The ’91 Society was created for those individuals and organizations who have made extraordinary, major, or lifetime contributions to benefit the people served through The Village Family Service Center.

David and Marilyn Kerssen

Harold and Dorothy Madson

United Way

The Village receives local support from the following United Way agencies:

Lake Region Community Fund

Souris Valley United Way

The Missouri Slope Areawide United Way

United Way of Barnes County

United Way of Cass-Clay

United Way of Central Minnesota

United Way of Douglas and Pope

United Way of Grand Forks, East Grand Forks and Area

United Way of Jamestown

United Way of Richland-Wilkin


Children’s Village Family Service Foundation
Cynthia and David Baumgardner

Joel and Bernice Belgum

Lillian Elletson

Phyllis and Helmuth Huber

Harold and Dorothy Madson

Randy and Anita Newman

Chuck and Betty Sheldon

Gary and Connie Tharaldson

LeRoy and Eunice Throlson

The Village Family Service Center

Lillian M. Elletson

George and Audrey Gaukler

James Kertz

Harold and Dorothy Madson

John McCormick, II Memorial Trust

Thomas and Christine McDougall

Evelyn Montgomery

Elsie M. Pitsenbarger

Gary and Connie Tharaldson

Gregg Young

$1000 – $4999

Dave and Denise Akkerman

Brian and DeAnn Ament

Elmer Berg

Mark and Elaine Blaufuss

Lucile Coghlan McCormick Memorial Trust

Greg and Joan Deal

Noel and Judith Fedje

Mimi Gokey

Erik and Emily Hatch

Kristi Huber

Phyllis and Helmuth Huber

James and Jean Jorgenson

David and Marilyn Kerssen

David and Mollie Kidder

Sally and R. Douglas Larsen

Evelyn M. Larson

Matthew and Janelle Leiseth

Pearl Loge

John and Liz Lyngstad

John and Eunice MacFarlane

Adelaide MacMillan

Maurice and Joy McCormick

David and Janet McNair

Michelle Powers

Lynne Rommesmo

Joy and Jay Ryan

Chuck and Betty Sheldon

Carleen Shilling

Nadeane Silbernagel

Nola and Kenneth Storm

Carol L. Stoudt

Richard and Mary Warner

Shane and Jill Waslaski

Jason and Melanie White

Paul and Marilyn White

Gary and Claudia Wolsky

$500 – $999

Dr. Thomas and Jane Ahlin

Robert and Doris Alin

Todd and Laurie Anderson

Jeff and Melissa Benda

Dr. Steven and Darlene Berndt

Dr. Paul and Natalie Bilstad

Dr. Richard and Carolyn Blaine

Brian Blumer

Bruce and Judy Clark

Lyman and Nancy Edds

Thomas and Carolyn Espel

Paul and Debbie Finstad

Renee Freeman

Steven and Kay Halverson

Harold and June Hayer

Sara and Jonathan Hockhalter

Mike and Donita Kaspari

Judith E. Lee

Richard and Beth Marsden

Guy and Sandra Moos

Dale Mowry

Robert and Cathy Nelson

John and Amy Ommen

Gary and Mary Ann Ouradnik

Ralph and Carol Rudrud

Marjorie Schlossman

Allan and Mary Severson

Robert and Laura Spolum

William and Susan Stibbe

Earl and Jan Strinden

Brad and Monica Sunderland

Norma and James Swanson

Gary and Gayle Wohl

Jay and Shannon Ysteboe

$1 – $499

Dawn Aablye

Mary Aasness

Julie and Daniel Ahlgren

Jean J. Albertson

Edmund and Sharon Albrecht

Kellie and Erin Albrecht

Angela Albright

Esther and Clyde Allen

Les and Marty Allen

Olivia Allenburg

Ross and Jessica Almlie

Wayne G. Altenbernd

Thomas and Beth Ambrosio

Rachel Andersen-Peterson and Adam Peterson

Andrea Anderson

Bradley Anderson

Darlene Anderson

Debra Anderson

Gaylon and Robin Anderson

Georgia and Dave Anderson

Jo-Nell Anderson

Ron Anderson

Selma Anderson

Sheri Anderson

Susan Anderson

Vondel Anderson

Mitch Andrade

Heather Andre

Jennifer and Christopher Andreachi

Joanne and Ray Andres

Robert and Jane Andrews

Scott Archer

Cindy and Jerry Arneson

John and Sue Arneson

Ramona Arneson

Richard and Marianne Arnzen

Robert Arusell and Janelle Sanda

Thomas Ary

R. Mark and Lisa Askew

Deneen and Kenny Axtman

Julianna Baartman

Bruce and Patricia Bachtel

Elizabeth Baker

Jeffrey and Leah Baker

Beverly and Jerome Bakke

Karen and Merle Bakkegard

Dennis and Nannette Bakko

Beth Bales

Dave Barge

Chelsea Barnette

Kevin and Paula Bartsch

Laura Baum

Cynthia and David Baumgardner

Julie Baumler

Adam and Cecelia Baumstarck

Linda and Allen Beaton

Tim Beckett

Kayla Beehler

Maggie Beganovic

Brad Beiseker

Kim Belgarde

Joel and Bernice Belgum

Dale D. Beling

Patric Bellmore

Barbara Bemis

Katherine and Jerry Benda

Vickie Bennett

Elizabeth A. Benson

Jason and Jessica Bentley

David Berg

Derrick Berg

James and Elizabeth Berglund

Nadine Berglund

Jay and Marie Bergquist

Richard and Lois Bergseth

Mark Berntson

Barbara J. Bertel

Otto and June Bervik

Steve Bethke

Michelle and Brian Biberdorf

Megan and Lyle Biegler

Todd and Shelly Biever

Chris Bjerken

Melissa Bjorgaard

Jeff and Melissa Bliss

Bonnie Blondell

Todd and Erin Blotsky

Rachel and Kevin Blumhardt

Odell and Ramona Boberg

Jenny and Ben Boe

Jill and Raymond Boehme

G. Thomas Bogan

Shelene and James Bohl

Keith Bohrer

Edelle Bond

Timothy and Nanette Boots

Julianne Bopp

Donna and James Bourcy

Brigette Boutain

H. Donald and Dorothy Brakke

Dorene and Daryl Brandt

Melinda and Beau Brandt

Duane and Sandra Brasch

Debbie Braunberger

Matthew Breker

Robin Brekke

Jeff Brenamen

Kristy Brink

Keith and Mary Broadwell

Greg and Becky Brockberg

Chad Bronby

Georgia and Dale Brown

Lois M. Brown

Theodore and Peggy Brown

Arlen and Joan Brunsvold

David and Mary Brunsvold

Josh Buchholz

Sandra Buchmann

Michael Buesgens

Norene Bunker

Darrell and Nancy Burkland

Rosann and Craig Burslie

Courtney and Travis Buskirk

William and Dina Butcher

Steven Buth

Matthew and Jo Ann Butler

Megan Byzewski

Marjorie B. Cagley

Roxanne Cahill

Ivan and Juanada Camrud

Betty Cannon

Jamie Cariveau

E. John and Brenda Carlson

Linda R. Carlson

Marilyn and Lynn Carlson

Douglas and Jo Carney

Olaf and Verna Cartford

James Case

Wanda Cawley

Chuck and Patricia Chadwick

Kenneth Champion

Dr. Steffen and Janice Christensen

Marlene Christenson

T.M. and Maxine Christianson

Ann and Danny Cigelske

Evie Mae Clark

Lisa Clark

Mike Clark

Sherry Clark

Timothy and Vicki Clark

Angela Clukey

D. Allen Coen

David Cole

Joyce B. Cole

Barbara Coler

Whitney Coler

Emily Coler-Hanson

Gail and Alicia Collins

Katherine J. Collins

Patrick and Rae Colliton

Rebecca Condon

Gail Confer

Brandon Conkins

Gary Conkins

Amy Conley

Jaron Connor

Kari Conrad

Michael Conzemius

Esther Y. Cook

Lisa Cook

Kim Coon

Alan and Cindy Cooper

Jane Cornell

Jim Cornell

Patricia Corwin

Jennifer and Timothy Cossette

Kevin and Jennifer Covey

Michael and Marge Crawford

Pamela and Jim Creamer

Ramona Creamer

John and Yvonne Cronquist

Jodi D. Crouse

Dick Crowell

Michael Cummings

David and Kay Currier

Lillian C. Dagner

Carrie Dahl

Kim and Corey Dahl

Steve Dahl

Arlan and Janice Dahlen

Ashlie Dalen

Travis Daschendorf

Steph Dauenhauer

Joseph Daum

Thomas and Maureen Davies

Richard and Linda Davis

Shaina Davis

Sheila Davis

Edith A. Dawson

Thomas and Georgia Dawson

Leland and Linda De Mars

Chad and Jennifer Decker

Maurice Degrugillier

James J. Deibert

J. Chris and Becky Deitch

Naomi Dell

Douglas and Paula DeMinck

Ronald and Monica Dessonville

John Deutsch

Debra Dewitz

Rebecca and Stephen Dickerson

Thomas Dickson

Kirsten and Donn Diederich

Kandi Diemert

Kimberly and Allen Dienslake

Erika Dietz

Gary and Kathryn Dietz

Donavan and Debra Diseth

Lenora Dockendorf

Garrette Doucette

Jamie Dougherty

Clint and Patty Dowling

Joanne Drenkow

Melissa and Arran Dueck

Fanchon Dugarm

Robin Duncan

O’Mara and Adam Dunnigan

David and Virginia Duval

Shawn and Shannon Dye

Alva Dyrud

Jack and Tammy Easton

Greg Eby

Julie Eckstein

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Robert and Patricia Edlund

Karen and Jordan Ege

Virginia and Lanerd Eichele

Paul Eidbo

Bethany Eighmy

Sheri and Byron Ekdom

Carl and Evelyn Ekern

Laurie J. Eli

Dr. Nicholas Ellig and Donna DuRand Ellig

Ronald and Joanne Ellingson

Brett and Stephanie Elsner

Teresa Emerson

Duane and Peggy Jo Emmel

Robert and Lauri Engen

Jeremiah and Jara Enger

Lisa Enger

Trish Enger

Marsha Enget

Jeremy Engquist

Roger Erbes

Ashley Erickson

Heather Erickson

John and Kim Erickson

Patrick and Lindsay Erickson

Shelly R. Ernest

Jackie Erovick

Alana Erstad

Sandy Etl

Sheri Evans

Beverly Evenson

Beth Evenstad

Greg and Rebecca Falde

Julie Falk

Michael Fallon

Kenneth and Lisa Farnham

Joseph and Deborah Farrell

Charles and Shirley Feeney

Roger and Jan Fenstad

Scott and Katie Ferderer

Deb Fetting

Leonard and Loann Fetzer

Darryl and Clydine Fey

Duane and Joanne Field

Anita Finck-Pearson

Stefanie Fink

A. John and Norma Finnie

Maureen Fischer

Matt and Susan Fischer

Annette and Terry Fix

Dawn and Robert Fix

Chad and Emily Flanagan

Paul and Karen Fleming

Maria Flieth

Bud and Laurie Fliginger

Jackie Fliginger

Megan Fliginger

Ryan Fliginger

Scott Fliginger

Darcy Foley

Taylor Foley

Tradyn Foley

William and Bonnie Ford

Betty Fordyce

Tyrell Formen

Lindsay Forster

Theodore and Joan Forstner

Judy and Daniel Foss

Donald and Kenegunda Foster

Leah and Mike Foster

Floyd and Janice Fouchey

Kaylin and Terri Frappier

Russell and Susie Freeman

Bill and Betty Freitag

Daniel L. Fremling

Briana French

MaryAnn B. French

Alfred Frenette

Lee and Karen Frigen

LaMae Friskop

Krissy Froelich

Mallory Froelich

Dominic Froemke

Aaron J. Frolek

John Frolek

Nathan Frolek

Kari Frost

Bruce and Lorraine Furness

Jeannine Galbreath

Julie Gallina

Richard and Michelle Galster

Rodney and Holly Gapp

Velma Gapp

Sharon and George Gardner

Sarah Gasevic

Ernie and Victoria Gawryluk

Peter Geib

Lisa Gentzkow

Kara Genzlinger

Rodney Genzlinger

Jason and Jodi Germundson

Mary A. Gibb

Willie Giere

Brett and Alyssa Gilbertson

Harvey and Bonnie Gilbertson

Michele Gilchrist

Nancy Ginsburg

Kathy D. Girard Underdahl

Paul Glander

Gloria and Robert Glasgow

Kristan Glere

Duane and Marion Goeden

LaRae A. Goeden

Levi Goeden

Lori and Bart Goeson

John and Georgia Goffe

Allen W. Golberg

Jacqueline D. Goodkin

Valerie Gordon

Diane Gores

Steve and Mary Kay Gorman

Guy and Melissa Goschen

Christopher Gould

Tod and Tonya Graeber

Michael and Barbara Grande

Sara Granger

Julie Grant

Duane Gravalin

Scott and Judy Green

Timothy Green

Roger and Claudia Greenley

Rita Greenlund

Lance Greff

David A. Gregor

Elizabeth Gregory

Heidi Greiner

Derrick and Kathleen Groff

Beatrice and Vern Grommesh

Charles and Helen Grommesh

Connie and Randy Grondahl

David and Bonnie Grosz

John M. Grove

Susan and Robert Grundysen

Warren and Sheila Gullickson

Casey Gust

Cinnamon Gust

Wayne Gust

David Haasser

Heather Haavisto

Roger and Mary Haberman

Robert and Erika Hageman

Harold and Karen Hagen

Kathryn Hagen

Robert and Cheryl Hager

Jackie and Leroy Hager

W. Todd and Ann Haggart

Cheryl Hagy

Lisa Hagy

Mark and Cheryl Hagy

Linda and Robert Haider

Curtis and Leann Hall

Jennifer Hall

Thomas and Yvonne Halstenson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hamblet

James and Naomi Hambrick

Penny and Bryan Hamm

Becky Hams

Judy Hann

Kris and Robert Hanneman

Vincent and Margaret Hannesson

Karla Hansen

Mary and Doug Hansen

Benjamin Hanson

Eric and Karen Hanson

Gary and Dorene Hanson

Gary and Ruth Hanson

Jamie Hanson

Shannon Hanson

Steven and Eldean Hanson

Karen and R. Hardie

Dorothy Harding

H. Michael and Marcia Hardy

Brian Harmsen

Anthony Hart

Kathryn and Matthew Hasbargen

Dale Hatfield

Harley Haug

Philip Haug and Erin Muldoon

Tasha and Ryan Haug

Candace and Duane Haugen

David Haugen

Jeremy Haugen

Stephanie Hauglid

Rodney and Theresa Haugtvedt

Marjorie G. Haukedahl

C.H. and Kathy Hawken

H.B. and Carol Hayden

Lonni Hayden

Angela Hedahl

John and Gloria Hedahl

Richard and Gloria Hedahl

Charity Heding

Ryan Hegle

Gordon and Barbara Hegre

Savannah Heieie

Teresa Heinen

Joel and Kristin Hektner

Robert and Marlys Hellem

Marsha Henderson

Trude and Robert Hendrickson

Katja Henke

Joshua Herbold

Deb Hermans

Eric and Karen Hermans

James and Sharon Hermans

Sheila Herold

Rex and Virginia Herring

Doris Hertsgaard

Douglas and Arlene Herzog

Faye Herzog

Theresa and Bryan Hest

Susan and Lonnie Heth

Penny and Jim Hiebert

Eishuro Higuchi

Rebecca Hilde

Maddi Hill

Nadine Hillesheim

Arthur and Margaret Hillman

Muriel and John Hinman

Warren and Maureen Hintz

Chad and Christina Hoerner

Susan K. Hoffert

David and Liana Hoffman

Lee and Anita Hofsommer

Rodney Hogen and Susan LeRud

Steven and Margie Hohnadel

Jeanne and Wayne Hole

Margaret and Dwain Holland

Marie Holleran

Brianna Holmen

Elyssa Holmen

Nate Honrath

Calvin and Shirley Hornbacher

Dean and JoAnn Hornbacher

Robert and Catherine Horvath

Ordean and Linda Hosna

Stewart and Kristi Hovde

Mike and Kela Howell

Mark and Carla Hubbard

Susan and Paul Hubbard

Clarice Hughes

Tabetha Hurtt

Amber and Nathan Huseby

John and Joyce Hutchins

Devin Hutton

Marlene and Mitchel Imholte

Wayne and Jeanne Ingersoll

Tony and Sharon Ingle

Sara Ion

Dan Irving

Leland and Diane Isakson

Colleen Israelson

Jocie Iszler

Donald and Shirley Iverson

Patricia Iverson-Chinquist

Sandra Ives

Roger and Kathleen Ivesdal

Troy and Heidi Ivesdal

Willie Jacobson

Linda Jalbert

Mary Jancek

Michael Jancek

Brenna Jarvis

Lori and Steven Jasken

Rochenel JeanBaptiste

Brandin Jensen

Dawana and Gene Jensen

Greg Jensen

Jerry and Frances Jensen

Jessica Jensen

Monte and Mary Jerstad

Barbara Johanson

Steven Johnk and Cheryl Riley

Bryce Johnson

Carl and Nina Johnson

Chuck Johnson

Delores Johnson

Doug Johnson

George and Janice Johnson

Heather Johnson

Kevin and Larisa Johnson

Kristi and Jeff Johnson

Louann and Robert Johnson

Lyle and Irene Johnson

Mark and Ronda Johnson

Marvon and Carol Johnson

Rachel Johnson

Ross and Katharine Johnson

Sandy Johnson

Seth Johnson

Shannon Johnson

Sheila J. Johnson

Stan and Pamela Johnson

Toni Johnson

William and Anne Johnson

Zachary and Kimberly Johnson

Deborah Johnston

Bob Jones

Derrick Jones

Norm and Eunice Jones

Cody Jordan

Ryan Jordet

Neil and Nancy Jordheim

Eric Jorgenson

Kathryn and Mark Jorgenson

Lisa Jorgenson

Rory and Rhonda Jorgenson

Rick and Jana Judisch

Traci Juhala

V. Frank and Maxine Kadlec

Colleen Kaeding

Dawn Kaiser

Marvin L. Kaiser

Michelle and Andy Kappes

John and Colleen Karels

L and E Kastner

Bev Kato

Mildred Kautz

Daniel and Theresa Keimig

Christopher and Valerie Kellen

Amy and Sean Kelly

Orville E. Kelly

Patricia J. Kelly

Rhonda Kelly

Ronda Kercher

Betty and Roger Kerns

Merritt and Marsha Ketterling

Donald and Jo Kilander

Truman Kingsley, CPA

Patrick and Heather Kippen

Erica Kisse

Gary Kisse

Diane Kittelson

Karissa Kjos

Ken and Darci Kjos

Julie Klawiter

Genevieve and Kenneth Klein

Aaron and Kari Kleingartner

Peggy and Alan Kleingartner

Paul Kleven

John J. Klocke Catholic Aid Association

Michele Klug

Rita Klug

Charles and Angie Knapp

Thomas and Mariol Knapp

David and Jane Knecht

John and Ann Knecht

Anna and Kevin Knight

Daniel Knoll

Celeste and Jim Knudsen

Linda and Chris Knuttila

Becky and Kim Koch

Lisa and Kelly Koehmstedt

Angela Koltes

Tye and Linnea Korbl

Ann Korzendorfer

Emily Kotchman

Lisa Kowalski

Amber Kragness

Laurie and Jason Kramers

Vivian and William Kranzler

R.S. and Swarna Krishnan

Brenda Krogen

Deborah Krogsgaard

Beatrice and Keith Kroke

Haley Kroshus

Kim and Jayme Krsnak

Patricia Krueger

Bob Krugler

Brad and DeeAnn Krugler

Monica C. Kuklenski

Chris Kulesa

Mike Kulzer

Debra Kunkel

Dana Kuzel

Connie Kvien

Margriet B. Lacy

Pete Lambertz

Julie Lammer

Darrell and Carol Lammers

Sharon D. Lane

Stephanie Langemo

Tom and Kathy Langemo

Brandon Langerud

Debra Langerud

Ann Langseth

Richard and Vicki Laraway

Donald Larew

Joyce Larsen

Dave Larson

Gary and Brenda Larson

Lester and Patricia Larson

Michael Larson

Neil and Lois Larson

Rick Larson

Robert and Leslie Larson

Sarah Larson

Sheila and Brad Larson

Wilmar F. Laskey

Chris Laugeness

Joanne Lauwers

Becky Leaf

Danny and Tiffany Leahy

George and Elaine Leininger

Daryl and Barbara Leistikow

John and K. Elise Leitch

Bill Lempe

Susan and Rudy Lenhardt

Dana J. Leopold

Will and Marilyn Lepeska

Barbara and Richard Leshovsky

Mona-Marie and Robert Leslie

Dale Leuthavd

Dale and Paulette Lian

Katie Libbe

Arvilla and Lloyd Lien

Benjamin Lien

Charlie Lindberg

Mary Lindbo

Jeff Lindemann

Jeremiah Lindgren

Laura and Thomas Lock

Mary A. Locken

Earl and Vivian Loken

Clint and Barbara Lonbaken

Lara Loritz

Lonnie and Vickie Ludwig

Renata Luebke

Lori Luhman

Pat Luhman

Mary Luhman-Olson

Robert and Valerie Luistro

Jennifer and Dale Lund

Dorothy A. Lund Nelson

Peter Lundborg

Kay Lupkes

Laurae Lygre

Kelly and Robert Lynch

Susan and Michael Lynch

Niki Lynnes

John Lyon

Craig Maczkowicz

Gwen Madcke

Donald and Norma Madsen

Mariah and Jason Madsen

Rhonda L. Mahlum

Orilla and Gordon Maier

David Malheim

VonDell Malmskog

Amber Malys

Roger and Janice Maras

Jeff and Kaley Mari

Ione Mark

Melissa and Jonathan Marsh

Michael and Nikki Martin

Jamie Martinez

Jim and Arlene Martini

Laura Martinson

Karen Mason

Laurie Massey

Chuck Masten

Leonabelle Mathison

Maxine Mattson

Jean and Norman Maynard

Ryan and Cassandra McCamy

David McCann

Katie McCann

Breanne McCarthy

Denise McCollum

Bobbie McConnell

Helen McConville

Jennifer McCullum

Catherine N. McDade

Ian and Kristin McDonald

Dr. James L. McDonald

Joyce and Don McDougall

Thomas and Connie McDougall

Tracy McFarlane

Gary and Sandra McGinnity

Dan and Debra McGinty

Elaine McGrath

Shari McJlonie

Tracey McLagan

Gary and Janice McLaughlin

Kari and Timothy McLean

Ronald and Marilyn McLean

Mary McManus

Robert Medhus

Deanna Mehl

Dawnette and Stacey Meidinger

Hazel Meidlinger

Steph Meier

Dustin Melby

Beth Melchior

Ruea Meldahl

James and Nancy Melhorn

Sara and Tim Melin

Glenn and Phyllis Melvey

Carol and Gerald Metcalf

Perry Metcalf

David and Candace Meyer

Suzanne and Owen Michelson

Joel Midgarden

David and Amy Mielke

Jim and Dalinda Mikkelsen

Denise and Stephen Miller

Rev. Janet R. Miller

Laura Miller

Matthew Miller

Lynn and Donna Mineer

Patrick and Katherine Mineer

Cathie Mireault

Dale and Jody Mischke

Lynette and Brian Mischke

Cynthia Misner

Dusty Mjoen

Jeremy Moen

Dana and William Moffett

Thomas and Celeste Moltzan

Wendel Mongeon

Vernon and Enid Monger

Leslie and Mark Monke

Richard and Tracey Moorhead

Scott and Stacy Morris

Donald and Susan Morton

Melissa Mozley

Charles and Geri Munro

Corine Munroe

John Muozla

Lynne Muralt

Kevin Murray

Lacey Muse

Harry and Marion Myers

Jesse and Selena Myers

Ryan Myers

Thomas Nagel

Amy and Paul Naseth

Randall and Cheryl Naze

Paulette Neal-Allen

Dianne Nechiporenko

Tressa Negen

Angela and Kelly Nehring

Andrea Nelson

Chase Nelson

Chris and Tami Nelson

Christina Nelson

Gersham Nelson

Karen and James Nelson

Lorraine Nelson

Lyle I. Nelson

Mark and Nichole Nelson

Terri Nelson

Diane Ness

Sue and Dan Nettum

John Neuenschwander

Randy and Anita Newman

Phuong Nguyen-Miller

Eugene and Connie Nicholas

Jim Nicolai

Stephen and Cherie Nicolai

Fern Niles

Kathleen and Ross Nilson

Darcey Nitschke

Tim and Tammy Noteboom

Jess Nyberg

Mark and Lisa Nygaard

Curt and Lisabeth Nyhus

Richard and Susan Nymark

Matthew and Heather Oachs

Jennifer and Mitchell Oakland

Angie and Jon Oberg

Lisa Odegaard

Judy Odegard

Larry A. Odland

Sheri Oleyar

Bernice Oliver

Donald and Deleth Oliver

Jeffrey and Stacey Olsen

Brian Olson

Charles and Ruth Olson

Christine Olson

Connie and Dennis Olson

Denis and Linda Olson

Donald Olson

Jamie Olson

Kelly Olson

Laurie Olson

Lisa Olson

Lorelle and Bruce Olson

Pamela Olson

Tara Olson

Teresa J. Olson

Terry and Kathleen Olson

Vicki and Tim Olson

Virginia Olson

Donald and Evelyn Ommodt

Paul and Pam Orth

Charles and Bonnie Orvik

Sally Ostendorf

Amanda Otis

Jean and Thomas Ott

Steve and Sandy Otteson

Arnold and Hazel Overland

Kathleen and William Pallen

Bobbi Palm

Gail and Michael Palmer

Gerry Palmer

Mike Pangelinan

Randy Papachek

Jayme Paquin

Matt Parker

Barb and Steven Parmer

Judy and Roger Parrow

Amber Parsons

Melissa Patterson

Robert and Peggy Paul

Mark and Terrie Pearson

Maren Pechacek

Troy Pedersen

Helen Pepple

Kathleen Pereira

Waneta Perkins

Heather and Robert Perry

Amanda Perzinski

Ginger Petermann

Barry Petersen

Dean and Melissa Petersen

Clarence and Margaret Peterson

Doris Peterson

Janna Peterson

Jay Peterson

John D. Peterson

Kelley Peterson

Melissa Peterson

Wayne Peterson

Terry and Deborah Pfau

Roberta Pfennig

Jeffrey and Susette Pfiefer

Michael and Patricia Pflugrath

Brad Pfuhl

Heather Phelps

Eric Piela

Ryan and Jennifer Pierson

Stephen and Susan Plambeck

Bev and Alan Plummer

Tiffany Pluntke

Carman Popiel

Benjamin Potter

Margaret L. Potter

Rebecca and Ryan Prestegaard

Carol Pribula and Larry Dent

Shawnda Prigelmeier

Sunny and Jim Prudhomme

Joel and Lisa Prudhomme

Sharon and James Puppe

Sarah and Jeremy Putt

Judy Qualley

Alyssa Quamme

Michael Quamme

Teri Quamme

Jean and Bryan Quigley

Sherry Rademacher

Erica Raguse

Judy and James Rahlf

Miriam Rand

Sonnia Ranguma

Rob and Shelly Ranz

Janna Rarick

Sharon and Kevin Raugutt

Chuck and Amy Rebsch

Lisa Reddick

Barbara Redinger

Elaine Redmann

Donna Reed

Lisa Reichelt

Kent Reierson

Roger and Arlene Reierson

Aaron Reigle

James and Jody Renbarger

Ross Renecker

Jennifer Renner

Denise and Dennis Rheault

Michael and Mandi Rice

Lou and Gerald Richardson

Eileen Rick

Jocelyn Rick

Nashel Rick

Ramin Rigi

Jeremy and Alexis Rinas

Nicole Rinke

Craig and Anita Rise

Martin Riske

Victoria Roach

Joseph and Mary Robinson

Gary Rochester

Michael Rockwood

Janice Rode

Katie and Juston Rodman

Sady Roe

Brady and Karen Roehl

Brittany Roeser

James Roessler

Kimberly and Tony Rogen

Carmen and Robert Rogne

Brian and Stacy Roney

Ronald and Joan Rose

Joel Rosenthal

Helen Rosley

Jerry and Leone Rowan

Emery J. Roy

Helen M. Rudie

Craig and Lynnae Rudland

Jennifer Rudnick

Paula Rudser and Michael Stolba

Sonja Rue

William and Kathryn Rutz

Marlene Saar

Joe Sadler

Scott and Julie Sager

Olgum and Mary Sahin

Lauren Sainz

Amanda Salisbury

Kelly Sande

Jay Sandstrom

Charlotte Sandvik

Glenda Sanford

Donald and Alisen Santer

Joseph and Katherine Satrom

Mark and Teresa Saunders

Kari Saurdiff

Jason and Jessica Sauvageau

Leonard and Barbara Schaff

Brandi Schantz

Christy Schauer

Rhonda Schill

Jennifer and Damian Schlinger

Brenda and Christopher Schmid

Mark and Bobbi Jo Schmid

Loren Schmidt

Taralee and Matthew Schoen

Michelle Schoenberg and John Carton

Stacie Scholz

Livia Schonteich-Helm

Dwight Schroeder

Nathan Schroht

Donald and Sandra Schrom

Michael and Ann Schuh

Victor and Joann Schwahn

Cynthia Schwartz

Charles Scott

Janelyn Sebree

Sue Sehis

Natalia Seidel

Alissa Selthun

Roy and Stacy Senger

Leon and Laurie Senn

Paul Sethre

Dee and Randy Shaffer

Marybeth Shaffer

Keith Shape

Pat Shape

Mark and Jennifer Shaul

John Shea

Stephanie and Mike Shea

Marilyn Sheehan

Barbara Shegitz

Dan and Cynthia Shelstad

Kristine and Mike Sheridan

Donna and Wayne Shields

Tom Shockman

Tom Shoman

Patricia Shoop

Warren and Roberta Shreve

Denise and Peter Simon

Laura Simons

Janice Simonson

Kenneth and Victoria Sims

Jill Sinner

Bonnie Skelly

Patricia Skognes

John Skolness

Diane Skunberg

Tanya Skunberg

Todd Skunberg

Scott and Julie Sleeper

David and Vannessa Slotten

Dwight and Patricia Slotto

Shirley and Orville Slusher

Seanna and Scot Smart

Hannah Smith

Heather Smith

Judy Smith

Judy A. Smith

Lori Smith

Mary Smith

Shawn Smith

Stacy Smith

Carrie Snyder

Arnold Solberg

William and Connie Solis

Lyle and Marsha Songstad

Jim Sorensen

Arlen and Evelyn Spear

Robert and Janet Speirer

Dr. Stephen and Judith Spellman

Christy and Shayne Spokely

Mary St. Aubin

Rod St. Aubyn

Danelle Staebler

Joyce Staebler

Melinda Stahnke

Dan and Joelle Staller

Dean Staska

Katherine Staszko

Dale Stearns

Marty Steffens

Julie Steinkuehler-Murrah

Susan Steinway

Mary and David Stende

Scott Stenvold

Eunice Stephenson

David and Illona Stern

Melissa Stewart

Jerry and Kathryn Stigman

Orvis and Diane Stockstad

Sue Stokka

Erica Stone

Rene Storbakken

Amber and Charles Stowman

Ruth and Daniel Strahm

Jeanne and Thomas Streit

Jon and Sandi Strinden

Alicia Strnad

Jerry Stromberg

Kay Stromberg

Robert and Kimberly Stromberg

Steven Stromberg

Tim Strommen

Allen and Alice Stromstad

Stephen and Paula Stromstad

Monique and Darcy Strong

Jennifer Sturlaugson

James and May Sugihara

Derek and Tamera Sunderland

Sue Sundlie

Jeanette Sutherland

James and Linda Svobodny

Stuart and Michele Swandal

Jim Swank

Mary Swanson

Robin Swanson

Kathleen and Dirk Swart

Peggy and Larry Sweeney

Mark and Lenore Sweeney

William Swelbar

Robert Swenson

Delight and Kevin Swingen

Elaine Swor

Bobbie Tangen

Penny Tatman

Dorothy E. Taylor

Lindsey Taylor

Mona Tedford

Matthew and Melea Telste

Craig and Tricia Tessendorf

Shannon Tessier

William and Vivian Thingelstad

Tina Thoennes

John and Amanda Thomas

Michael and Molly Thomas

Patrice and Steven Thomas

Rosemary Thomas

Kristy Thompson

Marilyn Thompson

Joel and Sherri Thomsen

Kathlyn and David Thoreson

Ronda Thorsness

Leonard Thorson

Trish Thorson

Wendy Thymian

Bill and Jody Tibert

Joan Tillotson

Barbara and Roger Tollefson

Rebecca Tollefson

Shirley Tomlinson

Darrin and Myrna Tonsfeldt

John and Deborah Trombley

Paul J. Tronsgard D.D.S

Diane Tronson

Elaine Tschakert

Sherry Tschida

Brian Tucker

Cora Turner

Tom and Leah Tvedt

Jesse Underdahl

Gail Van Beek

Wesley and Tammy Vanderbush

Sheila Vedquam

Matt and Lyla Vetter

Marybeth and David Vigeland

David and Rhoda Viker

David and Pamela Vipond

Jennifer Vipond

Kelly Visto

Andrea Voegele

Gerald Voegele

Marvin and Lenora Vossler

Brittany Wade

Wayne and Loanna Wagstrom

David and Charise Waind

Allan Waite

Steve Walker

Megan Wallis

Mike Walsh

Linda Walz

Renee Walz

Rick Wanderi

Duane and Trudy Wanner

Joe Warra

Marla and John Waseka

Leslie and Eunice Wassberg

Wade and Linn Webb

David Weber and Susan Mahoney-Weber

Louise W. Weber

Richard Weber

Ruth Ann Weber

Joni Webster

Robert and Susan Wefald

Robert Weibust

Shelley Weidner

Joe Weisenburger

J. L. and Kay Weisgram

Jennifer and Ryan Weisgram

Anna Welder

Mary and Joseph Welk

Rose Welk

Wayne and Char Welu

Dale Wendt

Jeremy Wendt

Josh Wendt

Merlinda and Dan Wendt

Larry Werlinger

August and Phyllis Werner

John and Julie West

Mark and Kai Western

Marcie Westling

Margie Weyland

Steven Whaley

A. LuAnn White

Dustin White

Jody Whiting

Lonna Whiting

Roger and Sandy Whiting

Rhonda Wick

John Wickenheiser

Monica Wieers

Denise R. Wienckowski

Christy and Thomas Wiesmann

Susan Wild

Erika Wilhelmi

Leann and Patrick Wilkie

Steve and Karoline Wingerter

Agnes K. Wischer

Rick Wiskur

Karen Witt

Karen Witzel

Adam and Nicole Wogsland

James and Jean Wold

Joel and Cheryl Wold

Brenda and Kevin Wolf

Darlene and Michael Wolf

Missy Wolff

Dennis and Elizabeth Wolsky

Michael Wolsky

James and Lois Wood

Carolyn Woolf

Gloria and Howard Wrigley

Bruce Yaggie

Tracey and Tom Yorio

Casey Young

Jeffery and Terri Young

Holly Younggren

Lorry Zaeske

Sheri Zaeske

Carolyn Ziegler

Brenda and Peter Zimmel

Jared Zimney

Brad Zinke

Gilbert and Edith Zinke

Janet and James Zinke

Traci Zuhlsdorf

Dave and Ronda Zupi

Thank you also to Village donors who wish to remain anonymous.

Special Thanks

• Thank you to Coldwell Banker Commercial First Realty for funds raised in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters through Golf For Kids’ Sake.

• Thank you to the following businesses and organizations, which allowed our Big Brothers Big Sisters program to sell mulligans and gimme strings at their various golf outings.

Dave’s Southside Tap

FM Claims

Gateway Chevrolet

Honorable Order of the Blue Goose, Intl.

Labby’s Grill and Bar


Peterbilt of Fargo, Inc.

Solid Comfort

SuperValu Distribution Center

Sysco Food Service

Thermo King of Fargo

Transportation Club of Fargo/Moorhead

Vic’s Lounge

Wallwork Truck Center, Inc.

Wanzek Construction

Gifts in Kind

20/20 Home Inspections

740 The Fan


Edmund and Sharon Albrecht

Alerus Financial

Allegiant Travel Company

Altadis U.S.A.

American Legion

American Mail House, Inc.

Georgia and Dave Anderson

Anheuser-Busch, Inc.

Apricot Lane Boutique

Artistic Food & Floral

Askland-Yohe Chiropractic Clinic

Atonement Lutheran Church

Auto Systems/United Power Equipment

Phyllis Bancroft

Bar Nine

Elizabeth Bauder

Bead Boutique

Corrine Bell

Bergseth Brothers Company

Best Buy

Best Western Doublewood Inn

Beverage Wholesalers, Inc.

Big Nicks


Blonde Ambition Salon

Blow’s Sew-N-VaC

Blueberry Pines

Bobcat Company

Jenny and Ben Boe

Sandy Boehler

Bottle Barn Liquors

LuAnn Brakken

Bread of Life Ministry

Ryan and Dawn Brehmer

Bremer Bank


Bucci Salon

Sarah Budan

Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

Butler Machinery Co.

Cabo Villas Beach Resort

Cafe Delight International

Marjorie B. Cagley

CAO Cigars


Carol Widman’s Candy Co.

Carpet Mill Club

Carquest Auto Parts

Cass County Electric Cooperative

Catalyst Medical Center

Catholic Health Initiatives

Certified Auto Repair

Chicago Bears

Chicago Cubs

Blain and Gail Christianson

Classic Jewelers

Cloud 9 Salon & Day Spa

Creative Kitchen

Carrie Dahl

Dakota Carriage Company

Dakota Wine Merchants

Dallas Cowboys Football Club

Dan Francis Photography

Designer Smiles


DFV Wines

Diageo USA

Rachael J. Disrud

Domino’s Pizza

Don Sebastiani & Sons

Don’s Car Washes, Inc.

Doolittles Woodfire Grill

Downtown Diva

Dragon’s Lair

Drayton Foods, LLC

D-S Beverages, Inc.

Dan Duncan

Dunn Bros Coffee Co.

O’Mara and Adam Dunnigan

Ryan Eberle

Ed Phillips and Sons Co of ND

Elim Lutheran Church

Expressions By Ashton

Eyecare Associates, P.C.

F.M. Crusaders M.C., Inc

Faith United Methodist Church

Family Wellness

Fargo Billiards & Gastropub

Fargo Bumper Exchange

Fargo Country Club

Fargo Force

Fargo Glass and Paint

Fargo-Moorhead Opera

Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Orchestra

FF Fisher Leasing Corporation

Fine Arts Club

First Congregational Church, U.C.C.

First International Bank & Trust

First Lutheran Church of Fargo – Abigail Circle and Quilters

First Presbyterian Church

Flint Communications

Floor To Ceiling Carpet One

FM Spotlight LLC

Food Services of America

Krista French

MaryAnn B. French

Kari Frost

Gallery by Katie Lee

Bonnie and Donald Gates

Gateway Chevrolet

Go Radio Broadcasting

Goodfella’s Pizza

Goodin Company

Grandin Presbyterian Church

Great Northern Bicycle Company

Green Mountain Coffee

Jane C. Greminger

Pam and Jim Groninger

Ground Round

Susan and Robert Grundysen

Lois Gullickson


Happy Harry’s South Fargo, Inc.

Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Harmon Danceworks

Harvey Orthodontics

Heaven Hill Corporation

Trude and Robert Hendrickson

Sandra A. Hertel

Caileen Heuertz and Jamin Everest

Jennifer and Brian Hichert

Holiday Inn of Fargo

Holy Spirit Church



Hope Family Wines

Hope Lutheran Church

Hotel Donaldson

Howard Johnson Inn Downtown Fargo

Hurley’s Religious Goods, Inc.

IHOP #1841

Indiana Fever

Indianapolis Colts

Indigo Signworks

Ingvald’s Custom Builds

Ivory Leathers

Jade Presents

JT Cigarro

Jesse Jurgenson

Marcia Kaasa

Ketterl Therapeutic Message

Kilbourne Group

Barbara Kjono

Klock Werks Kustom Cycles

Kristine Thykson Creations


Labby’s Grill and Bar

Cynthia Lamey

Joyce Larsen

Gale Larson

Laser Systems Security

Matthew and Janelle Leiseth

Barbara and Richard Leshovsky

Life Energy Chirporactic & Wellness

Lindsay Window and Door

Lucky’s 13 Pub

Ruth and Kuldip Lumb

Kelly and Robert Lynch

M J Capelli

Maintenance Engineering, Ltd.

Maple River Golf Course

Harriet Marquardt

Laura Martinson

Sara and Peter Mathison, DDS

Maxwell’s Restaurant & Bar

McCulley Optix Gallery

Tim McPherson

Merle Norman Cosmetics

Merry Maids

Audrey Merschman

Messiah Lutheran Church – Priscilla Circle

Mexican Village of Fargo, Inc.

Dwain and Gladys Meyer

Miami Dolphins

Michael David Winery

Michael Lichter Photography

Microsoft Business Solutions

John and JoAnn Miller

Pamela and James Miller


Minnesota Twins

Minnesota Vikings

Lynette and Brian Mischke

Evelyn Montgomery

Mrs. Fields Cookies

Murphy-Goode Winery

My Father Cigars

Nativity Catholic Church


NDSU Athletic Department

NDSU Division of Fine Arts

Michael and Shannon Neustel

New Vision Cycles

David and Jennifer Newman

Randy and Anita Newman

Newman Outdoor Advertising

Noridian Insurance Services, Inc.

North Dakota Moravian Mission Society

North Side Quilters

Northern Gentleman’s Club

Northwestern Bank, NA

Tim and Tammy Noteboom

O.K. Tire

Oakville East Exposure

Oliva Cigar Company

Olivet Lutheran Church – Pricilla Circle and Quilters

Olivieri’s Salon & Spa

Opp Construction

Otter Tail Corporation


Gail and Michael Palmer

Panchero’s Mexican Grill

Gaylord and Beva Paulson

Peace Lutheran Church – Congregation and Women’s Circle

Perham Lakeside Golf Club

Pernod Ricard USA

Pets R’ Inn

Pierce Printing

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pizza Ranch

Planet Fitness

Plymouth Congregational Church – Congregation and Margaret Sherwood Circle

Pontoppidan Lutheran Church – WELCA

Premium Port Wines

Prestige Wine Group

Pro Lawn

Prometheus, M.C.

Radio Fargo Moorhead

Radisson Hotel Fargo

Ralph Engelstad Arena

Ramada Plaza & Suites


RD Offutt Company

Real Deals on Home Decor #118

Red River Commodities

Reed & Taylor Antiques

Rejuv Skin & Laser Clinic

Relaxation Plus

Remote Control Hobbies

Republic National Distributing Company

Riddle’s Jewelry

Riedel The Wine Glass Company

River Cities Distrubuting

River Keepers

Road Wolf Motorcycle Specialties

Rocky Patel Cigars

Ron’s Aqua Massage

Bernard and Dorothy Rosman

Jerry and Leone Rowan

Royal Jewelers

Ruby Tuesday

Rusco Window Company

Joy and Jay Ryan

Quin Ryan

Sandy’s Donuts & Coffee Shop

Schumacher Downtown

Shirt Shop in the Mall

Shotwell Floral Co.

Simply Relax Therapeutic Massage

Site On Sound

Skyloft Photography

Shirley and Orville Slusher

Sokol Blosser

Spectrum Marketing Services

Speed Shop

Speedway Restraurant

Spitfire Bar & Grill

St. Louis Rams

Stabo Scandinavian Imports

Stained Glass Overlay

State Bank & Trust – Fargo

State Farm Agency – Jill Henning

Stone Countertop Outlet

Robert and Kimberly Stromberg

Summit Brewery Company

Sweeney Cleaners

Sweet Dreams Confections

Sysco Food Service

Tailgators Sports Cafe

Terlato Wines International

Texas Roadhouse

The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead

The Hub

The Red River Valley Academy

Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation

Betty and Donald Thorp

Thumper Pond

Tip Top Tux

Toshiba Business Solutions

Treasure Island Coins, Inc.

Trinchero Family Estates

Trollwood Performing Arts School

Myrtle A. Tronson

Turtle Shell Stained Glass Studio

U Motors

Ultimate Graphics

Ultimate Transportation

Urban Hair

Valley News Live

Wente Vineyards

West Acres Development, LLP

Wheels, Inc

Jody Whiting

William Grant & Sons

Wizard of Kids

WJ Deutsch & Sons

Darlene and Michael Wolf

Kathy Wolfe

Gary and Claudia Wolsky

Xcel Energy

YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties

Zimmerman’s Furniture

Jared Zimney

Gilbert and Edith Zinke

Janet and James Zinke

Marie Zitzow


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