Paying it Forward

Dwight Schroeder, Financial Counselor

Financial Counselor Dwight Schroeder knows quite well that money can make or break a family’s happiness and quality of life. As someone who works directly with people from all income levels, he says he enjoys watching people get a hold of their finances and the stress that comes when money is tight.

As a Tenant Education facilitator, Dwight recently assisted a mother who had medical issues and was on reduced income. “There was not enough income for her and her family,” Dwight says. “So I helped her find a vacant apartment with reduced monthly rent rates.”

Not only was the mother struggling to find economical housing for her and her children, but she also sought help fine-tuning her English speaking skills to find a better job––something The Village helped her with. “It’s a good feeling to be a part of that process,” Dwight says.

Dwight’s day-to-day schedule means he provides assistance, information and sound advice to individuals who need financial counseling. He says  a lot of families right now are dealing with housing issues and how to handle student loan debt and medical bills. “It seems like a normal process to talk to people about their finances, and coming up with solutions to take some of that stress away is very satisfying as a counselor,” Dwight says.

Dwight is quick to credit the generous support of Village donors and United Way for keeping financial counseling and education available to people in the community.

“The dollars donors contribute to helping people work through a financial crisis is money well spent. When I finish some of my phone counseling sessions, I tell the client that if their situation changes down the road, any part of the counseling fee they may be able to pay to The Village goes toward helping individuals in similar situations as their own,” Dwight says. “It’s a really good way to ‘pay it forward.’ ”

Dwight was recently honored for his own work in “paying it forward.” On Martin Luther King Day 2011, he received the Fargo Human Relations Award for his efforts in promoting respect and acceptance for diversity and helping to eliminate discrimination.


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