Making a Difference

Beven Casavant, Counselor, Grand Forks

One of Village therapist Beven Casavant’s first clients when he started at The Village was a deeply troubled family trying to pick up the pieces
after a dramatic divorce.

Due in part by the split, the children started to act out against their mother by disregarding rules and breaking curfew. Some trouble even resulted in police intervention.

With the help of Casavant, the family learned how to cope with the effects of the divorce and garnered techniques to get their relationship back into more positive territory.

“The family said soon after therapy that they were feeling much closer to each other,” Casavant says. “Closer than they ever had.”

As a reminder of this success story, Casavant keeps a Christmas card the family sent him just a year after they completed their last session. Their happy faces serve as a symbol of success, hope and family wellness.

Casavant has many similar success stories to share, and he credits these outcomes to The Village’s mission and focus on individual and family wellness.

“The Village has given me the freedom and encouragement to be the best therapist I can be,” Casavant says.

Sometimes he works with families who have endured past or present traumas, or he assists families with instilling healthy boundaries and expectations. No matter what kind of conflict he’s helping a family to resolve, his main goal is to plant the seeds of hope.

“In short,” he says, “my main job is to bring hope to people who feel like they’ve lost it.”

Casavant says he is very thankful for donor support for allowing him to do his job to the best of his ability.

“As a therapist, I think I learn more from the families than they learn from me. I take that knowledge and use it to help other families,” he says. “I would like to thank those who financially support us and for choosing to answer the call to make change a possibility for families facing adversity. It is an active and essential gesture.”


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