Love’s Ups and Downs

Victoria Knight, Regional Program Director, St. Cloud

Sometimes love can do bad things to good people, as clinical services therapist Victoria Knight experienced when she first met one client couple.

“This particular couple had a very passionate relationship,” Knight says. “But it was very volatile as well.” So volatile that one time the couple got into a fight while driving down the Interstate and the upset passenger demanded to get out and walk the rest of the way home.

A pregnancy further complicated matters, but Knight was determined to help this couple neutralize their feelings and learn to communicate better.

“When you are working with a client, you have an opportunity to affect their entire family,” Knight says. While she helped the couple nurture their relationship together, she also prepared them for parenthood.

“They worked a lot on their relationship and were doing really well when they ended service with me,” Knight says. “Today they’re doting parents and are engaged to be married.”

In this case, Knight believes the work the couple did with her prevented them from falling into a cycle of domestic abuse. They learned and put into practice special coping mechanisms that were healthy and non-destructive rather than abusive and harmful.

“Their life is so much more calm now that it was before they sought services at The Village. The impact affected their relationship and further strengthened their role as parents. They function well as a family, as parents and as a couple.” Knight says.

Knight says colleagues at The Village motivate her to keep learning skills and techniques for use in therapy sessions, something Village executives and board members believe is a necessary component of the organization.

Not a day goes by that Knight isn’t grateful for supporters who keep The Village doors open to anyone who needs help.

“The donors’ generosity prevents lifelong illness, gives families and children tools to function at their highest capacity, and reduces family and community violence,” she says. “Their contributions to The Village impact the world and make it a better place.


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