Custom Care

Andrea Schuler

Andrea Schuler loves to help people find common ground. As a counselor who helps families decrease their needs for special care services like Social Services and other government programs, she meets a lot of families who just need some help communicating.

Andrea specializes in coordinating and facilitating family meetings so families have the opportunity to develop a plan that meets their needs and showcases their strengths.

“A single mother of three was able to use our team to learn better communication skills,” Andrea says. “As a result, she was able to reduce the amount of miscommunication between service providers.”

Because the mother had extreme difficulty remembering meetings and scheduling the transportation to meetings, Andrea and her crew referred her to a mental health case manager and the mother of  three is now able to keep appointments.

“A lot of this gal’s problem was she would be missing appointments. Then she would end up duplicating rescheduled times,” Andrea says. “With The Village help, she really learned a lot. We helped her put together services and informal supports. Today she no longer needs Social Services assistance. In fact, her case is closed.”

It’s the attention to individual stories that helps Andrea create custom care plans for her clients. Without the financial assistance from donors and Village supporters, she wouldn’t always get the time or have the resources to do her job effectively.

“I choose to work at The Village because we are the only organization to provide the type of support I bring to families and children. The Village supports programs that are preventative and innovative,” Andrea says. “I am thankful for the dollars they donated to support my program because it goes to preserving families and gives them the best care available.”


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