“Change is a Process, Not an Event”

John Trombley, Organization Development Consultant, VBI

Not too many counselors have a history similar to retired military man, John Trombley. While Trombley spent years as a Command Pilot,
staff officer and Squadron Commander in the US Air Force and Air National Guard with over 6,200 flying hours, his passion for helping develop healthy workplaces brought him to a second career at The Village Business Institute.

And if you think flying a plane is complicated, Trombley says, try explaining what an organizational development consultant does for businesses.
For many, it’s a mouthful.

“When I tell people that I am an organization development consultant, I usually get a blank stare,” Trombley says. “When I tell them I visit organizations and facilitate conflict mediation, employee engagement, group coaching, internal investigations and management consulting, they get a better sense of what I do.”

Trombley, who clearly thrives on challenge, says he most enjoys helping unsteady organizations find stability. From plant workers to oil field executives to banking professionals, his consulting and coaching approach focuses on slow metamorphosis over quick-fix makeovers for workers from all walks of life.

“Change is a process, not an event,” he says. “It is fascinating to watch a supervisor grow her skills over the course of time. A once harried boss can, over time, become a more relaxed authority figure whose stress levels are lower and who has a better purpose and direction.”

It makes sense that a workplace should be healthy and nurturing, as employees often spend more time on the job than at home. For Trombley, this is why he emphasizes the importance of learning how to handle conflict at work as well as how to work more productively.

“When work is good, people can find more satisfaction in their day-to-day, which results in less stress at home as well,” he says. “The whole family benefits because the worker now has the margin in their own lives to deal with issues at home.”


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