2011 Agency Highlights

• The Village received a three-year grant to reduce the number of foster care placements of Native American children (ages 0-18) in North Dakota. The grant will allow The Village to provide family conferencing services to Native American children currently in out-of-home placement and those at imminent risk of placement outside of the home. The Village is providing the program in conjunction with the University of North Dakota School of Social Work, the North Dakota Department of Human Services, and local county social services offices.

• A local Little Sister from The Village’s Big Brothers Big Sisters program was awarded an Annexstad Family Foundation Scholarship. Amber Hettwer, Fargo, was awarded a full scholarship (for four years) to attend Minnesota State University, Moorhead. Amber was matched with her Big Sister, Kristi Huber, for eight years.

• The Village Financial Resource Center was selected by NeighborWorks America in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to help promote and facilitate the Emergency Homeowners’ Loan Program (EHLP) in the states of North Dakota and Minnesota. The program assisted homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure due to involuntary unemployment or underemployment, economic conditions, or a medical condition.

• The Community Foundation of Grand Forks, East Grand Forks and Region awarded funding to The Village’s Grand Forks office for a support group for spouses and partners of deployed personnel at the Grand Forks Air Force Base.

• The Village and First Step Recovery completed a merger in December of 2011. First Step Recovery is a licensed addiction treatment facility, which provides comprehensive, confidential treatment of alcoholism and other drug dependency. This merger allows The Village to provide treatment for addiction issues “in house” as part of our menu of services.

• In July, The Village received a two-year contract from the North Dakota Department of Human Services to administer the Alternatives to Abortion program. These marketing and back-room services support programming, provided by 11 providers across the state, that assists women and their families in obtaining vital information and education related to pregnancy and planning.

• The Village began offering web-based mental health counseling to North Dakota and Minnesota residents. Our web-based counseling services are another way to provide access to services that will assist people in making changes and living emotionally, socially, and physically healthier lives.

• The Village received a grant from the state of Minnesota to provide mental health services to children ages 0-5. In addition to funding services to families who are uninsured or underinsured, the grant covers professional training in several evidence-based therapy models, including the University of Minnesota Infant Mental Health Program and Parent Child Interaction Therapy training. This training will further position Village staff as experts on early childhood mental health.

• Based on applications accepted by The Forum of Fargo Moorhead, three families were selected to participate in The Forum’s 2011 Financial Fix-up. The three families worked with Village financial counselors to create an individualized financial action plan. The families, financial counselors, and Forum reporter, Sherri Richards, chronicled their journey through newspaper articles and posts on the Financial Fix-up blog.

• In 2011, The Truancy Intervention Program received community support from United Way, Clay County Social Services, and all Clay county schools.

• In Minot, The Village provided free counseling for flood victims and was also able to distribute emergency assistance funds provided through a grant from the North Dakota Community Foundation.

• The Village in Moorhead started a group for young people with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. It is offered free of charge through a grant to individuals 13 years or older who have not yet graduated from high school. Two eight-week sessions cover independent living skills and developing healthy relationships.

• The Director of Nokomis Child Care Centers of The Village received a scholarship to undergo intensive training that will result in Aim4Excellence child care center director credentials. Aim4Excellence is national director credentialing designed specifically to strengthen leadership and management skills of early childhood program administrators. The credentialing focuses on the essential knowledge and skills needed to deliver high-quality programming for young children.


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